Understanding the Chakra Energy System: From A Yoga Teacher

At first the chakra energy system may seem complex and mysterious, however it is possible connect with the subtle energies of the body.  A lot of folks do this through meditation, yoga, reiki, nature walks, and even through relationships. Fundamentally the chakras are energy centers of the body, spiraling within the auric energy field. Every body has an energetic system with these vortexes to carry and disperse energy from the internal and...

What “Good Vibes” Means: An Interview With A Reiki Master

We hear a lot these days about healing energy, crystals, yoga, and people having “good vibes.”   But what does “good vibes” really mean? Well Hot Coffee, I was fortunate enough to meet a gem of a young lady named Robyn who carries an abundance of good vibes with her and shares them with everyone she meets.   Robyn is a Reiki Master and Life Coach with a beautiful story of transformation. Caught up in the neverending search of who we...
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