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If you’re a friend here at Well Hot Coffee, you know very well how important proper self care is. But what comes next once you fulfill your basic needs and step up into the higher levels of self-care? 

You begin to realize your potential and see your dreams through. 

Since childhood, Nik has dreamt of becoming a children’s book author.  As early as five years olds she would draw pictures to stories she had written and staple the pages together into a book.  This talent developed throughout her childhood and found its way back to her in adulthood.


River the Backpacking Raccoon (The Spectacular Gem)

The original.

River is a backpacking raccoon, meandering and wandering through the forest. As a nocturnal creature, he has come to love photographing the night sky and collecting “gems” (stars). This story is about River’s journey to capture the most spectacular gem ever (the Milky Way) . Along the way he listens carefully to mother nature and learns important life lessons. This is a sweet tale of how making good choices can help you become your best self. 

River the Backpacking Raccoon - The SEEKER Series: Maine

In this “I SPY” style nature book, you can seek and search and find with River the Backpacking Raccoon across the beautiful state of Maine. Spot all things that make this state spectacular while you learn and rhyme. What kind of animals live here? Where are the most beautiful places? How many gems can you find?Come along for the journey, fellow seeker. Life sure is better being a go getter.

Pen the Wicked Zen Hen

What makes a hen happy, healthy, and Zen?  

A lesson in mindfulness told by a down to earth funky lookin’ bohemian hen named Penelope.   She believes you can do anything when you fill your heart up with Zen. 

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