Understanding the Higher Octave Scorpio Energy

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As an intuitive astrologer and being one who has a natal chart ruled by Scorpio, I have become quite familiar with the spectrum of Scorpio energies over the years. Scorpio can often get a bad rap; as the mysterious one who can hold darkness, feel deeply, and sting harshly.

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However, Scorpio energy can often be misunderstood. There are many layers to this archetype. While there is a striking depth unlike other zodiac signs, there is also a highly reflective and intuitive higher octave of Scorpio.

The elevated, higher octave of Scorpio can be described as: 



Strong Presence



Instinctual Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

The Intuitive

The Mystic

The Researcher


In my astrology readings, I often share this analogy when it comes to Scorpio:

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. We can think of this energy like a lake. It can have incredible depths. It can have a murky bottom with hidden nooks and crevices. It can be intimidating to look down through those depths. What is even more beautiful is that Scorpio teaches us that we can learn to work with our fears; to become comfortable peering into the darkness and the inner workings that come with such depths. At times, we may even touch the murky bottom. However, when the waters are calm, the surface of the lake reflects the beauty of what is above. It reflects the landscape and everything on the horizon.

Considering this analogy, one beautiful (but at times challenging) aspect of Scorpio is that they can feel the need to get to the bottom of things. At times it can be obsessive, yet an elevated, higher octave Scorpio also has the natural ability to research and an incredible sense of self awareness. By tapping into this, they can become more receptive, gain clarity as the waters calm, and see through the depths to gain an understanding of the murky bottom that they are likely not afraid to look into, but instead find curious. This is where deeper truths can be realized through the Scorpio Archetype.

As described in the analogy, the stillness of the lake reflects what is above. At the same time that Scorpio holds such depth, it can also tap into higher awareness and intuition. 

During the time we are currently in (2022), astrologically we are experiencing the nodal axis (ecliptic points) in the zodiac signs of Taurus and Scorpio. 

(As I write this article, we are going through the first eclipse season with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus on 04/30/2022 EST and the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on 05/16/2022 EST.) 

The North Node in Taurus can ask us to develop our values and what we deem worthy.

The South Node in Scorpio can ask us to release our fears and purify emotions.

As we sit in this incredibly powerful time, I would be honored to dive deeper into astrology with you and look at which areas of your unique astrological natal chart can be activated with the eclipses. If you have a Scorpio Sun, Moon, Rising placement, you can likely feel this potent time more than others. If you are interested, you can book a reading or report with me here.


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