General Astrology Forecast for August 2021 for All Signs 

General Astrology Forecast for August 2021 for All Signs 

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Please note: this is a general astrology forecast for August 2021 for All Signs using western astrology. Dates are based on EST. This is not a personal reading. If you would like to book a personal reading with me, please view the Astrology tab in the menu. 

General Themes: 
The general themes for this month are courageous communication and the duality between structure and freedom. The inner planets, related to our personal lives, are doing a lot of courageous and strategic work this month. 

The outer planets represent much of what goes on outside of our personal lives, but as the inner planets interact with them, they can influence our personal lives in very unique ways. More specifically, throughout the month, the outer planets Jupiter (wisdom, travel, higher education), Saturn (structure, restriction, order, and time), and Pluto (transformation, rebirth) are one by one opposing the inner planets Mars (action and courage), Sun (awareness and consciousness), Mercury (communication, the mind, the intellect), and the Moon (emotions, inner world, soul). What this can feel like is a need to find harmony between our inner world and our outer world.

Venus takes the lead, charging ahead with love.
Mercury delivers information to us.
Mars courageously addresses what needs to be addressed.
The Sun opens up our awareness.

Air signs are the focus of this year, which means there can be a lot of information to receive, to give, and to integrate. The mind may be very active. In Ayurveda the mind is of a Vata energy; quickly changing and airy in nature. Thus we can feel a lot of mental activity.

The moon quickly moves around all Zodiac signs, spending about 2.5-3 days in each sign. Thus, as the moon interacts with all the planets, we can think of it as continuously refining our emotional connection to self and others.

Intuitively, we may feel a transformation happening as Neptune (spirituality, dream states, imagination) works positively with Pluto (transformations and rebirth). Healing opportunities are supported by Chiron (the wounded healer) as it harmonizes with the Sun (awareness and consciousness) throughout the month. 

Throughout the month Uranus and Saturn continue their square aspect. There can be tension between the conventional and the unconventional; the old and the new; structure and freedom. Simultaneously, the Sun (awareness and consciousness) is also in this square tension, but it still moves forward in Leo, reminding us that we are strong; awareness is our strength. 

Beginning of the month
The Sun and Mercury are moving out of a close conjunction, meaning the energies of each planet were becoming amplified, and now a little less so each day. The sun represents consciousness, awareness, and life force. Mercury represents communication, the intellect, and the mind. 

As Mercury moves faster than the sun, we may find that information is coming to awareness much more quickly during the month of August. As both the Sun and Mercury are being expressed through the sign of Leo, we may develop a strong sense of courage as we become more aware of information.

On August 8th there is a new moon in the sign of Leo. What this means is both the Sun (awareness and consciousness) and the Moon (emotions, inner world, soul) are conjunct, or aligned in the sky from our perspective on Earth. This can help us pause and bring awareness to our emotional state. Given the balance we’re already asked to find from opposing Saturn (structure, order, restriction, time) and Jupiter’s tug to expand our wisdom, we can feel some emotional insecurities.

The moon quickly moves into Virgo (the detailer, processor) the next day and the Sun moves out of the harsh opposition with restrictive Saturn. The Moon meets up with Mars filling our actions with emotion. Eventually the moon meets up with Venus which can enhance love and connection to others. 

Mercury comes into opposition with Jupiter. It can bring an overabundance of information. We may feel that we just need time to process. As this Jupiter-Mercury opposition is released, the Sun comes into opposition with Jupiter mid-month.

Venus harmonizes with Pluto during this time. Our relationships can feel transformed or we can feel profoundly artistic. The same day, the Moon harmonizes with Saturn, which can give us emotional patience.

On the 13th, emotions can be a bit more challenging as the intense Scorpio Moon (emotions) squares Pluto (rebirth, transformation). Square aspects are like a call to action. Pluto asks for deeper emotions to be transformed. 

What we feel and what we need may feel different around this time. However, the moon harmonizes with Neptune, which can bring in bountiful compassion and spiritual connection with others as deeper emotions continue to be transformed. Jupiter is also asking us to expand our capacity for emotion. The Sun opposite Jupiter really illuminates the need for growth during this time. 

Mars square moon on the 16th can be emotionally demanding. Be mindful of impulsiveness and sharp tongues. This can be used positively to advocate for oneself and others. Mars conjunct Mercury can create a strong mind. This continues for the rest of the month. 

As the moon moves into Capricorn on the 18th, we can feel a need to address our future, perhaps being both strong in the mind and in the heart as we do so.

End of the month
Mental strength can continue as we approach the full moon on Aug 22nd. At this point the Moon is conjunct Jupiter in retrograde while they both oppose the Sun. This can make us overly emotional as we become aware of any confusion we may have experienced. Overconfidence can also come up. New information can create breakthroughs. The Sun moves into Virgo on the 23rd to join Mars and Mercury, reminding us to use discernment. This inner connection to our truth can be greatly transformative. We must be highly aware of what we place our attention on.

On the 25th the Moon conjuncts Chiron, which can trigger past traumas, wounds, and experiences. While it can be greatly healing, it can also come with potency as Venus opposes this conjunction. Relationships or money may be at the source of those triggers. 

This same day Mercury opposes Neptune. Imagination can be heightened. 

The last week of August, Mercury harmonizes with Pluto, which can bring up information that is helpful, answers that make sense, and renewed ability to process information. As Mars harmonizes Uranus, there can be a sense of breaking free and being independent. The moon conjuncts Uranus on the 28th, adding an emotional component to the sense of freedom we feel in life. 

Towards the end of the month Neptune opposes Mars. Forward action may be met with uncertainty. However, we may feel we have a handle on our emotions despite the challenges we’ve faced. There is so much potential for growth, especially in how we think and feel about the world.


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