Where Creativity and Spirituality Can Overlap

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The right brained, creative, free flowing mind often associated with creativity takes us beyond being human. In today’s world, being human demands a lot from our left-brain; daily tasks and logic. Much of what it takes to live, or even just to survive, can demand much of our analytical thinking. Yes, it can help us get fed, sleep, and stay out of harm, but what else do we need to feel fulfilled and whole?

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It is the whole brain, no- the whole human being that we truly need to appreciate. Creativity can push us beyond our own existence while also pulling us into alternate perspectives. That is essentially where creativity comes from: the ability to be outside of the box and discover something entirely novel. 

At the same time, creative work can be an extension of a person’s ethical and spiritual qualities. Spirituality demands opening the mind, the heart, and the senses. All of this can support creative work as it not only has to do with perspective, but also with what is within.


When we can anchor ourselves to who we are before approaching our creative work, we can make our work much more sustainable. We may find that we become more aligned with who we are as the project moves forward. We may discover that we are no longer running our energy into dead end projects. We may realize through the process of knowing oneself, that flow states, or peak performance states, become much more accessible. 

This was the breakthrough moment for me: learning that peak performance states can be accessed by creating personalized entry points. This can happen by simply knowing what supports you. These “entry points” to creative work can also be called creative triggers, per Steven Kotler’s research. However, I prefer to use the phrase “entry point” because I found that the word “trigger” can, ironically, be triggering.

Entry points are just this: rituals, routines, and/or methods that allow connection to self, spirit, or the Divine in order to cultivate higher awareness, centeredness, and presence while readily preparing one for creative work. For me, I’ve found helpful the following three things: 

  1. Set up my space
  2. Meditate
  3. Listen to atmospheric music or Solfeggio Frequencies

It doesn’t have to be daily meditation (although meditation can support creativity, read blog post here). It can simply be a connection to self. That can be spiritual. Think about what it is you may need to come into union with before you push forward into your creative endeavors.

Spirituality is also considered in the context of devotion in daily life. This concept of devotion can be carried through in our creative work. For example, in Bhakti yoga, women are living in devotion to the Divine. This devotional practice is said to be “loving for the sake of loving” in the tradition. This love can pour through all things that one does: cooking, writing, painting, sewing, creating of all kinds. It then becomes an extension of the Divine as the devotion of daily life is directed towards a higher purpose. What a beautiful way to honor the divine feminine that is creativity. 

Once we realize our purpose through presence, we can go on to expand our capacity for high performance states. This is pretty common knowledge in the corporate world as well. Quality comes first, then comes efficiency right? Same concept applies in creative performance. I just had to bring more philosophical juices to it! Spirituality can assist us in connecting with the quality of those creative experiences. Spirituality can bring us clarity, openness, and love.

Remember that everything you do to build towards that creative project has a purpose; including caring for your body, your home, and others. All of it becomes part of the creation when you join what you do with why you do it. 

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