The 6 Main Creative Blocks and How to Overcome Them

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What are the root causes of creative blocks preventing us from expressing ourselves through our work, especially in the most optimal, creative, and novel way?

Blocked creative energy can mean blocked abundance. Let’s work on that!

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Overwhelm / Overstimulation
Too many other things come first. We are all in different seasons of our lives and our creative ventures. Some of us are young without kids who also work a full time job and follow our creative inspirations outside of other duties. However, some of us have families and bigger responsibilities outside of ourselves which can often take a lot if not all of our time and energy. Check out my free guide “Unblock Your Creative Power and Work Smarter, Not Harder” so that you can get to know the different parts of the creative process. There are still ways to grow creatively despite busy schedules! 

Lack of Tools / Methods / Routine
Not knowing how to spark it. Steven Kotler calls them “triggers” and I can kind of understand why he would use that word, however, I feel that the better word is “spark.” See, creativity is like a fire. What tools, methods, or routines (unique to you) are you going to use to spark it? In research I did in my graduate studies, I found that entrepreneurs often follow the path of self-discovery so that they deeply understand the tools that work for them to get back into the flow of their creative projects.

As a visionary coach, I support creatives and individuals on their path of self-discovery.
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Leaky Energy
Difficulty staying on track, not focusing, and getting distracted fall into this category. These distractions can come from our inner world and our outer world. This is a big reason why meditation can be impactful to creative efforts, because it can teach the mind and body to be present, regardless of what comes up. Read my related article “Why Use Meditation for Creativity” here.

No Self-Discipline
Not starting, not continuing, and procrastinating can cause creative blocks. Sometimes we can work better under pressure, but is it really sustainable? Doing the work when we feel inspired to do it is not always enough. There’s a more direct energy when it comes to having self-discipline as a creative, and it can often feel out of the typical comfort zone for many of us. However, remember these two things:

1. Creatives and entrepreneurs can THRIVE outside of the comfort zone.
2. The free-flowing energy of creativity is the divine feminine. For it to thrive, it does need the sacred masculine energy (time, order, discipline). 

Dead Ends
Pouring energy into unsustainable projects or tasks. It may take a few simple questions or a deeper dive into self-discovery to figure out what is going to be the most equitable project to place your attention on and have the most benefit/return. This is why I started offering clarity sessions for individuals and creatives who are experiencing creative blocks and are looking to clear the clutter. Learn more about my clarity session offering here.

Forcing Creativity
This is literally an oxymoron. Let me explain. Like I said above, the divine feminine is a free-flowing energy, but the sacred masculine is structured, orderly, and firm. It is the drive that pushes us into action, but the inspiration that flows with us is the divine feminine. 

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