Why I Root My Creative Process in Health and Wellness

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All a creative person simply wants is for ideas to flow smoothly in their creative process, without interruption or stagnation. Creative process, or creativity, is something that requires a heightened state of awareness and a crazy amount of brain power. 

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Take it from people like Tim Ferris, Robin Sharma, and Jim Kwik. These are a few of our creative, entrepreneurial geniuses. 

They have a solid morning routine, a dedication to their creative projects, and yes- an overwhelming focus on their health.

Everyone that asks about my personal and professional life asks how I manage it all. In all honesty, I don’t manage it. I flow with it. I’ve built a strong foundation to help me navigate the ups and downs. Bouncing back is what matters most. 

Our physical body must be taken care of. We must nourish our vitality, our life force. We have to do this first and foremost so we can function optimally and produce highly novel, useful, and creative ideas.

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Research tells us that the brain requires about 20-25% of our total haul of energy. That means the total amount of energy that we get from the food we consume, about ⅕ – ¼ of that goes directly toward powering our brain. WOW!

Food is more than fuel in this sense, it is our liveliness, vitality, playfulness, and creative energy. It is an opportunity to give us clarity, extension of ideas, and the ability to take actionable steps in our creative process.  (Yes creativity is both ideation and goal-getting). 

However, physiological, mental, emotional, and physical stress can get in the way of using this energy optimally. Not only do we have to digest our food, but we have to digest our emotions, and our experiences as well. It’s a lot!

Here are some ways I support my physical and mental health during my creative process so ideas flow smoothly and tasks are accomplished: 

Understanding the importance of sleep doesn’t typically happen until one is insanely desperate for it. It is a priority, make it one. Read my 8 Tips to Conquer Poor Sleep

Keep to a Morning Routine
THIS IS HUGE. This one thing can change your life. Lots of people rave about their morning routines, but remember, their morning routine is NOT your morning routine. Here are 3 Steps to Building Your Own Successful Morning Routine

Metabolism Focused
Metabolism is something that can be highly misunderstood. So it’s important to do your own research. I stay metabolism focused to make sure I’m sustaining myself for those long brain quests into my fiction writing or deep research projects. Check out my article 10 Surprising Ways a Strong Metabolism Can Support Creative Energy

Organic & Ethically Sourced Foods
Learning how to eat organic is usually where people start when they start to take their health seriously, but what about grass fed, ethically sourced, and humanely raised? 

Log Your Food
Even if it’s just for a little while, logging your food can bring awareness to what nutrition you are lacking and what options you have to make up for it in your diet. Cronometer is the tool that I use.

Pro-Metabolic Coffee
Over the years, I’ve made small adjustments to support my metabolism and also get my coffee fix. Read more & get my recipe here

Meal Planning
In addition to logging your food, it can also open the door to planning your meals.

Bone Broth
MMM so good. It can be an incredible addition to any diet, being infused with vitamins and minerals that can boost the immune system and improve digestion among other things. Read more here. 

Social Media Cleanse
How do you know if you need a social media cleanse? Check in with yourself and maybe check in with others. Human connection can go a long way.

Ayurvedic Practices
As a former yoga teacher, I was fascinated with Ayurveda and studied it immensely for a few years. It has been another tool I use to balance seasons, health, and how I interact with my environment. Read more here

Avoid Additives & Preservatives
My motto is to let food be food. Here are two articles on eating clean:
Let Your Food Be Food: On Additives and Preservatives 
Learn to Eat Organic: Know the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen 

Feng Shui / Home Keeping
Home keeping and fengshui are two different things. But they can work together to bring you a harmonious environment that supports your creative process. 

Eco-friendly, Hormone-friendly Home
Reducing the chemicals I bring into my home, including personal care products is a huge win. Last year, I finally found clean beauty products that are also hormone friendly. 

Yoga & Yoga Nidra
Often during my creative process, I find a sacred pause and rest and restore with Yoga Nidra. If you like napping, this might be for you. Read more here

Blue Light Protection
Blue light protection is becoming more and more mainstream, but as a creative person or entrepreneur, I’m betting you spend a lot of time on your electronic devices. (I totally do too). That is why find blue light blocking glasses and red-light screen filters to be excellent helpers to my creative process. 

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