11 Reasons to Love KOSSMA’s Fully Saturated Skincare Line

11 Reasons to Love KOSSMA’s Fully Saturated Skincare Line

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Here we are in 2021, where new skincare products are thrown in our faces every day, yet, as consumers, we are often uneducated as to what we are really putting onto our skin and how it affects our health.

I’ve been a long time follower and advocate in the world of natural health. EWG.org’s Skindeep® has been my go-to anytime I don’t know how to read my labels or list of ingredients.

However, I was offered an opportunity to work with an amazing company that is so transparent in what they put into their products, that they actually encourage you to read their list of ingredients.

Each ingredient is there for a reason. Every product they create is made for a reason. No BS!

As an affiliate, I was fortunate enough to try each of their products over the last month. Typically when I try new products it takes my skin some time to adjust. However this wasn’t the case with KOSSMA.

Not only did I have a flare up of adult acne, but I had been experiencing the early signs of aging skin as a woman entering her thirties. The beauty about KOSSMA is that this company doesn’t just make amazing products. Their products have a deeper purpose.

Right away (within weeks) my acne was healing. Then I noticed more vibrance, smaller pores, reduced fine lines and wrinkles over the next few weeks. 

Looking back on all the money I’ve spent on other skincare products, I now wonder if there were harmful ingredients that were preventing my skin from healing the way it is now. 

11 Reasons to Try KOSSMA:

This skincare line is: 

Fully Saturated
Cruelty Free
No PUFA (Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids)
Hormone friendly
Committed to minimal ingredients
Eco friendly
Steeped in alchemy
Focused on clean actives
Hand blended in small batches

Not found anywhere else in the entire world

  • They offer a 30 money back guarantee if you are not completely in love with their products. 
  • They are eco-conscious with their packaging

Here is a brief review of each KOSSMA beauty product that I have tried:


Calendula Pre-Cleanse – This non-drying and gentle pre-cleanse is step 1 of 2 of the KOSSMA cleansing ritual. Apply a small amount over a dry face to loosen up makeup, surface oil, impurities, dirt, and environmental toxins. It feels like silk and preps the skin for a deeper cleanse in step 2. 

Chamomile Herb Cleansing Gel – This non-drying formula is step 2 of 2 in the KOSSMA cleansing ritual. Apply about a ½ pump of the cleanser to wet hands then lather face and then rinse. It not only feels clean, but also gentle to sensitive skin like mine. 

Glycolic Acid Liquid Exfoliant – After the cleanse, you can lightly pat this product over the face with a cotton pad and allow it to dry. I did notice a slight stinging sensation, so where I have sensitive skin I use this product every 2-3 days in the evening right before bed. This product contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that help reduce my enlarged pores, even some fine lines, and wrinkles. 

Marshmallow Malva Toner – After cleansing, you can lightly pat this product over the face with a cotton pad. This toner totally refreshed my skin. It was a calming, cooling sensation and it almost immediately brightened my complexion. This is part of my morning ritual.

Wildcrafted Witch Hazel Tincture – Anytime my skin feels inflamed or irritated, a couple spritzes of this and then dried with a cotton pad works wonders. While it can be used every day, I personally found that the other KOSSMA products were doing such a great job keeping my complexion natural, that I only use this witch hazel tincture as needed. 

Purely Potent Active C Serum – This product can help moisturize the skin, brighten complexion, while also protecting it with its powerful antioxidants. A little goes a long way, so I use 3 drops smoothed over my face once the Marshmallow Malva Toner dries completely. This product can be used both morning and evening. 

Squalane Facial Oil – Following the toner and serum, the squalane oil is intended for ultra hydration. It absorbs into the skin so well that it doesn’t become greasy. A little goes a long way, so I use 1 lightly expressed pump of oil and massage is gently over my face. This is a one ingredient product that can do magical things for the skin.

Tallow Beauty Balm – Following the toner and serums this is the product that can lock in all of the good stuff for maximum hydration. I literally cannot rave about this product enough. Over the few weeks I started using KOSSMA I was in the sun almost ever day and using this product 1-2 times a day. It was ultra hydrating and non greasy because of how perfectly chosen the ingredients are. 

Shea Nilotica – Fresh Shea Butter – Usually shea butter feels pretty heavy, but the whipped like texture of this product is soft, light, and comforting. Once the squalane oil is soaked in, a bit of this can be massaged over the face for moisturizing. After hours in the sun, this is my go-to to hydrate my neck, chest, and shoulders. 

Alchemy Mask + Scrub – This product is incredible. As a person with sensitive skin (especially with masks), the first time I used it, my husbabd said “you’re skin hasn’t ever looked this good” and it really made me believe in what KOSSMA is doing. The gentle botanicals buff away dead skin cells and purify pores. Check out my instagram highlights under natural beauty. 

KOSSMA has blown me away and has blown other skincare products out of the water to put it mildly. You can also follow @KOSSMAbeauty on instagram to learn more about the company and how it all started. This company is a gem. 

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