JadeYoga Mat Comparison by a Certified Yoga Teacher

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Did you know JadeYoga mats are made from trees? The materials are made from the natural rubber from rubber trees so that means no PVC, EVA, or synthetic materials making them a sustainable & eco-friendly mat. 

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Did you know that for every JadeYoga mat sold the company plants a tree? So far they have planted over 800,000 trees since 2006. 

Did you now that JadeYoga mats have superior grip so you can be even more grounded in your practice? (Even when you sweat) All of their mats are constructed with durability in mind, because when you work hard, so does your mat.



I’m so proud to be a JadeYoga affiliate and support a company that is doing amazing work for this planet and for yogis around the world. Over the 10 years that I have practiced yoga and last five of those years as a yoga teacher, I have owned a Jade Harmony mat, a Harmony mat XW, and right now I practice with the JadeYoga Elite S in Forest Green/Black as seen in the photo.

Each mat has its own special perks.

Harmony Mat has amazing grip, thickness, and durability.
Harmony Mat XW (Extra Wide) has all of the above + extra space to broaden your practice. 

JadeYoga Elite S is the most durable mat I have ever used. It totally holds up to vigorous yoga sessions without compromising on grip or thickness. 


What I prefer to take to the studio with me:
Harmony Mat – Being the most traditional JadeYoga mat, this mat is great to use once or twice a week at the studio if you want to keep a separate mat for home practice. Personally, I find that when I am home I can practice longer and stronger so my Elite S holds up to the session.

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