5 Rules for Positive Mental Health and Well-Being

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If you are an empath, healer, or just in general “in tune” you may have noticed big shifts happening in the last couple of months.  It has been exhausting mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. A lot of you are probably now breaking through the stagnation that can bind to depression and anxiety, and for that progress- be proud of yourself and keep going!

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After doing some deep inner work myself, clearing out a lot of negative habits, core beliefs, and emotions- I wanted to share with you some of my learnings.

So there’s this really cool dude…

Abraham Maslow created a five tier pyramid that describes our human needs.  This became a way to explain the stages of human fulfillment to reach one’s utmost potential.

Initially the hierarchy was introduced for individuals to focus on fulfilling needs from the bottom up. However, Maslow later discussed that progress is not made based on an all-or-nothing approach to each need in a specific order.

Each tier that you satisfy will allow you to focus more dominantly on other tiers in deficit. At which point there becomes a deficit of needs in a given area, the urge to fulfill those needs becomes even stronger the longer the need is left unmet.

Recognizing that you have unmet needs does not mean you are lacking anything, rather it means you have an opportunity to grow in that area.

Over your lifetime, you will grow each tier bigger and bigger, having more responsibility but equal gratification upon fulfillment.


Let’s break this down:


Self Actualization – awakening your best self, realizing your potential, seeking out peak experiences

Self Esteem – dignity, self-appreciation, independence, confidence, prestige, reputation

Love and Belongingness – friendship, family, being part of a group, trust, acceptance, relationships

Safety and Security – shelter, safety, stability, physical and financial security, free from fear

Physiology – food, water, air, sleep, warmth, light

To really do your BEST work and be your BEST you have to meet your basic needs first and then everything else within the pyramid too. Build up from a strong foundation. You can imagine how challenging it is to juggle all of this. Plus with having a family the responsibility of each tier of the pyramid grows even bigger!

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