How to Create a Vision Board and Harness the Law of Attraction

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Similar to the law of attraction, visualization is the mental act of bringing images into your mind.  These images are specific to what you want to create in your life. Visualization is the first step of manifesting your dreams.  Imagining activates certain networks of neurons in your brain. These are pathways that link what you think with what you do. When you mentally rehearse an action or feeling over time, it will stick.  Your goal will become easier to accomplish by visualizing that you are actually accomplishing it.  

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Here is an example of a vision board I created through Canva a few months ago:


You can see that I was specific with my board:
Financial Security / Abundance
Waking up with the sun
Build Physical Strength
Be a leader in my career path
Have fun, enjoy nature
Live somewhere beautiful
Self discipline
Travel with family
See unexplored places

It is a good idea to come back to your vision board every so often, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, just to ensure you are moving your goals forward.

Canva has been my go to program to create visuals and graphics with ANY project – online or personal. #canvalove

Creating a Vision Board

A vision board is a tangible collection of what you want in life.  It uses the law of attraction in a very physical way to attract the abundance that you deserve. To create your vision board, follow these simple steps:

1. Ask yourself what you want in life. Consider your ideal lifestyle and be specific.  Do not be afraid to focus on the material aspect as well. It is important to center in on exactly the way you have always pictured your ultimate dream life.

2. Find your media.  You can choose to use newspapers, magazines, graphic design, photographs, even personal artwork.  It will all be positive depictions of your dream life. Be creative and do not forget anything that is important to you. Arrange all of your visuals on a poster, paper, bulletin board, or background.

3.  Display your vision board so you are reminded every day to put forth focus on living your dream life.  When you look at your vision board imagine that you are living your dream life. Call it into the present.

It is also important to regularly review your goals and dreams and make adjustments to your vision board when necessary.  When you send out those vibrations to the Universe, the law of attraction means the Universe is also attracting those same things to you.

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