16 Things That Keep Me Sane As A Working Mom

16 Things That Keep Me Sane As A Working Mom

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Parents, employees, and homemakers all need things stay sane.  You work SO hard, it’s time to cut you some slack. Here are 16 things that keep me sane as a working mom:


Yes, Coffee. #1. Need I say more?  Every mombie out there knows that a day without coffee is only to let our tummy flora reset. (Am I right?) If you have kids, you likely depend on at least one (or seven) cups of coffee to get through your day.  You deserve to keep that slice of heaven in your day so you can enjoy even more joy with your little ones.

Although I love searching out the best local coffee, my all time favorite is KOA Coffee.  They offer premium KONA coffee straight from Hawaii.  This coffee is grown on the lava planes on the Big Island.  The Peaberry Coffee is one of the rarest beans, you’ll love it!

Amazon Prime
Team Prime! What better way to save time and energy than to have 2 day shipping, buy with one click, and subscription services for your favorite household items.

Again, 2 day shipping and auto-ship are life savers. My cats are living it up on grain free food because of Chewy.  (Did you not peg me as a cat lady?) 

Thrive Market
After finding Thrive Market, I went through all of my regular dry good purchases and discovered that they are all on average .72 cents cheaper on Thrive Market.   That’s a big money saver when you are feeding a football team!

Well Hot Coffee Simple Meal Planner
Tootin’ my own horn here, but I had to create the Simple Meal Planner as a way to straighten my lazy self up.  It took me forever to get organized with meal planning and this planner allows me to keep my recipes, grocery list, and weekly meal schedule all in one place.  Read more here.


KitchenAid Appliances
When I moved into my home a few years ago, I made sure that I had solid appliances.  But WOW there was a lot to purchase for a new kitchen. KitchenAid had it all though and I stayed within budget.  That KitchenAid Stand Mixer tho….  

Yeti Rambler
Every day I wake up and fill my Yeti Rambler with water, drink it down, then fill it again to sip throughout the morning.  After trying all kinds of to go cups/mugs/etc, Yeti holds up in durability, cleanliness, and style.

100% Pure Cosmetics
Bags under the eyes? → Coffee Bean Eye Cream
Dark veins on your lids? → Vanille Fruit Pigmented Eyeshadow
Need bolder brows? → Long Last Brows Eyebrow Gel
Dull complexion? → Healthy Fruit Pigmented Blush
Lashes looking for volume? → Marcuja Mascara
Maybe add something extra? →  Creamy Long Last Liner

These are just some of my favorites from 100% Pure.
Read more about my non-toxic skincare routine.

Yoga International
No time to prepare and drive to a yoga class? Just make space in your living room. Invite your kids. 

This would probably be a good time to mention how much I love my Jade Yoga Mat. It’s my sanctuary, my haven in the midst of life.  It is used daily and it holds up the wear and tear of not only my strength, but also the hulk strength of my toddler.

Logging food is hard, I’m just gonna be honest. Cronometer not only makes it easy, but way smarter.
Read more about Cronometer and food logging here.

US Wellness Meats
Yup, by the end of the weak I’m ready for a good steak dinner or braunschweiger dinner.  I order from US Wellness Meats about 3 times a year.  They ship everything right away and I can store it in a deep freeze and take out what I need each week.

Read more about US Wellness Meats and Why People are Raging About Grass Fed.

Which one doesn’t belong?
Grocery Shopping
Meal Planning
Picking Up Kids
Soccer Practice
Working Out
Running Errands
Walking the Dog 

^^^ Who can do it all in heels? Sure, wear them to work, but if you gotta run yourself around tending to a circus that is your life, you better make sure your hubby is rubbing your feet every night.  The only other time I could understand the high heels is if you’re a rock star. In that case, you go girl. 

But remember, your feet are SO important to posture, reactiveness, and believe it or not- brain health.  
That’s right, VIVOBAREFOOT knows the science behind their shoes.  I have had my VIVOBAREFOOT Primus Trails for about three years and they still blow my mind when I run, hike, or when I am #adultingallovertheplace.

Read more about VIVOBAREFOOT here.

I’m sure you working moms know best, and even more- those of you running your online side businesses know that being on your phone before bedtime never lets you slow your mind down and get the rest you need.  This habit is one of the hardest to break. I found the best way to replace this bad habit with a good one is to get a darn good book and a book light and keep them right beside your bed. You’ll begin to look forward to the wind-down time with the right book.  

Having identity theft protection allows me to rest at ease. You never know what could happen and I feel better having insurance just in case. That’s the mom brain at work there.  

Saving the best for last.  To be honest, what I love even more than anything you’ve read above is sharing experiences with my family, whether they are good or bad.  Having that sense of belongingness and big, bold, beautiful feeling of gratitude in my heart for those little humans and my hubby… ahh there’s nothing like it.   It always grounds me.  They are the reason why I reach higher in life.


So if you care’d enough to read the whole list then THANK YOU. You’ve realized what a big cheeseball I am.  I guess this would be the part where I strike a conclusion!  Point is – your time and energy are so valuable. If you are making your daily function as an adult too complicated, reflect on that and make it better.  Live in the joy of your family, your time, and your authentic self. Good vibes!


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