14 Ways to Make Your Kids Better Readers and the Importance of Reading Aloud

14 Ways to Make Your Kids Better Readers and the Importance of Reading Aloud

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Either you already read to your kids, you are a soon to be parent, or you are planning to have that experience someday.


What is one thing you know very well about kids?

They thrive on imagination.  


So give them more of it by reading aloud with them. Hearing stories strengthens brain development, comprehension, social skills, emotional awareness, and really sets kids up for success later in life.  Story time is also a safe place for your child. Make a cozy space for both of you to relax and feel grounded.



What can you do to get the most out of this experience with your child?

Here are 14 ways to make them better readers:


1. Ask what they want to read about.

2. Use inflection when you sound out each word.

3. Give each character a dynamic voice.

4. Take time to look at each page.

5. Find a new book if the child seems uninterested.

6. Talk about the pictures.

7. Ask them questions about what they think or see.

8. Have them make predictions.

9. Expand more on the children’s observations.

10. Point to each word as you read it.

11. Take turns reading the words.

12. Relate each book to another book.

13. Relate something in the book to your child.

14. Read it again.


When you snuggle and read before bed, you end the day more connected to your child.  They will forever remember this from childhood.  Check out my children’s books before you go!

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