Coffee Without the Jitters – Pro-Metabolic Coffee Methods

Coffee Without the Jitters – Pro-Metabolic Coffee Methods

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For many of us, the morning coffee ritual is the most essential part of our day.  It can lift our moods, helps us perform, and prep our attention for the day ahead.  But some of us notice after a cup of coffee we start to feel jittery and anxious. So why do we keep craving this yummy little bean if it doesn’t always give us the best reaction? 

There is an uncommon science behind coffee that will totally change the way you think about it.  It starts with metabolism. Functional Performance Systems states

“Coffee is a potent metabolic stimulator and must be viewed as such.”  

-Functional Performance Systems 

In addition to being a metabolic contributor, coffee also has nutrients such as B Vitamins and magnesium.  Provided that you take the necessary steps to create proper metabolic function, coffee can be an amazing tool to maximize the effect of your metabolic efforts.  

So what is coffee intolerance?
Being aware of your symptoms of coffee intolerance is step one. The following symptoms could mean you are coffee intolerant:

Cold hands and feet
Adrenaline Rush
Decreased Focus

You definitely do not want to feel the above when you are trying to make it through the day, right? I’m sure you would rather feel:

Motivated, but not full of adrenaline


Why does coffee intolerance occur?

Essentially when you have a fire (your metabolism) and you are using fuel (coffee) you are quickly “using” up your energy source (nutrients from food).   Burning through your nutrients too quickly can disrupt proper metabolic function, lower your blood sugar, and cause the unwanted symptoms of coffee intolerance. Stepping hard on the accelerator might make you go faster, but it will wear down your engine much quicker.

How you can work on intolerance to coffee:

Eat a healthy meal or snack before having coffee.
Balance proteins, carbs, and healthy fats.
Try drinking your coffee with milk/cream and sugar.
Drink less coffee than you normally do, then gradually work up to desired amount day by day.
Maybe drink cold coffee as it has a less stimulating effect.
Work on stabilizing blood sugar, all day, not just during your coffee hour. 

You can also try my morning coffee recipe where I add a few metabolic supportive ingredients.

So ask yourself:
Are you just trying to stomp on the accelerator and work faster?
Or should you focus on being efficient?

Come back to the body and focus on efficiency.




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