Why You Need A Non-Toxic Make Up Routine

Why You Need A Non-Toxic Make Up Routine

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Learning about non-toxic beauty products will change. your. life.  About 5 years ago I was in desperate need of a better skin care regimen.  In addition to a healthy skin care routine, I wholeheartedly believe that healthy skin comes from the gut as well.  Healthy gut = healthy skin.

How you treat your skin on the surface is just as important as the healthy food you eat to keep it clear.  Topical chemicals can get absorbed into your skin and sometimes can be very damaging. 

So I did some research.

I came across this amazing company called 100% Pure.  Their personal care products and skincare line are plant based, vegan, and they even have certified organic products.

In order to give this natural makeup a fair review, I needed to use their products for awhile to see how my skin responded.   You know when you find a good product and after awhile it just doesn’t do its due diligence for your skin anymore? Well forget that.

100% Pure will keep you happy. The best part about working towards a natural and non-toxic skin care routine is that you are using less products and better quality products.   I presently do not use the primers, foundations, or concealers, but hope to use them again one day when self-care time is much more frequent. 

In my personal makeup routine, the 100% Pure products I use are…  

Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

Make Up:
Cruelty Free BrushesBamboo Blur Powder
Fruit Pigmented Luminizer
Fruit Pigmented Eyebrow Powder Gel (<–This stuff is incredible)
Creamy Long Lasting Liner (Dark Cocoa is my personal favorite)
Maracuja Mascara

I previously used the Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara, but I recently switched to the Maracuja Mascara.  Both of them I loved, but when you need more volume + reach with your lashes, go with the Maracuja Mascara.

Weekly Reminder:

The goal with non-toxic living is not to see a product that says “all natural” and just go for it.  Going non-toxic means reading labels, researching the company, and asking questions as a consumer.

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