What “Good Vibes” Means: An Interview With A Reiki Master

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We hear a lot these days about healing energy, crystals, yoga, and people having “good vibes.”   But what does “good vibes” really mean? Well Hot Coffee, I was fortunate enough to meet a gem of a young lady named Robyn who carries an abundance of good vibes with her and shares them with everyone she meets.   Robyn is a Reiki Master and Life Coach with a beautiful story of transformation.

Caught up in the neverending search of who we really are, Robyn’s guidance as a Life Coach really take this process of self-discovery to the next level.  At heart, she is a healer and through this quality she positively impacts lives with her one on one sessions, group sessions, and her recently published work My Happy Book – A Guided Journal to Light Up Your Life.  

After connecting with Robyn, she agreed to do a short interview on what good vibes really means.  Her responses are italicised.

Tell me about your journey into Reiki and energy healing

“Several years ago, when I was 23, I kept hearing the word “Reiki” when I was out and about and didn’t know what it meant. One day, I saw a flyer in a coffee shop with the word “Reiki,” and I thought, ‘This is it! I’ve got to find out what this Reiki thing is!’

I had a sense that Reiki was metaphysical, so I went to the only metaphysical store I knew of at the time- Leapin’ Lizards in Portland. I walked in and went up to the woman behind the counter and said, “could you tell me what Reiki is?”

In a mysterious fashion, she responded, “We’re holding a Reiki share here tonight. You should come and see for yourself.”

Intrigued, I went back that night and found myself in a large room with a massage table in the middle. One by one, people would get up onto the table and several other people in the room would get up and put their hands somewhere on the person’s body. I didn’t know what they were doing, but I figured out pretty quickly that it was some sort of healing technique. I sat and watched for an hour or so, and felt lighter and lighter in my body and mind as time went on. After 20 or 30 minutes, I felt like I was floating and this incredible feeling of bliss filled my body.

When it was my turn to get onto the table, the experience was even more profound. I felt intense heat from one of the practitioners as she placed her hands on my head. I felt so many sensations within my body that I had never felt before; I felt energy moving through my body and leaving my body, creating deeper feelings of peace than I had felt in a long time. After my session was over, I knew I had to learn the art of Reiki for myself!

10 years later, I’m now a Reiki Master of Master’s and have been teaching Reiki trainings for the past 3 years. I’ve had countless incredible experiences doing Reiki on myself, for others, and in my classes. Receiving the sacred Reiki attunements was life-changing unto themselves, but practicing on myself and others over the years has opened even more spiritual doors.

I know without a doubt that learning and practicing Reiki has helped me to release many thought, emotional, and behavior patterns that have held me back and prevented me from being the person I most wanted to be. Reiki has helped me grow in love for myself, others, and the planet. I am a far better person today for having learned Reiki.”

What is energy healing?

“Energy healing is a way of using focused intention to bring greater light to the body. Science now confirms that everything is made up of energy, including our bodies, our thoughts, and our emotions. For actual, lasting healing to take place, we must address the energy of our bodies and minds, and bring greater light into ourselves, whether through touch, sound, thoughts, or other means.”

What does “good vibes”mean?

“To have “good vibes” means that your energy is vibrating at a high frequency and emanates a degree of lightness that may be felt by others as feelings of safety, warmth, or inspiration.

The good news is, any person can take measures to lighten their energy or to become one of the “good vibes” people!

In general, what we need to do to raise our vibes is to release the dense thought and emotional patterns within us that are based in fear, negativity, and suffering. Stewing in negative, limiting, and fearful thoughts or emotions is a sure way to keep our vibes low!

On the contrary, focusing our attention on things that we love, things that inspire us, or things we are grateful for creates a lightness in us over time that can be felt both by ourselves and others.

Another great way to lighten our energy is to engage in regular physical activities we enjoy such as walking, running, dancing, or yoga, as such activities keep our energy flowing and get us out of our heads!

Those of us with so-called “good vibes” are the happiest among us and have the greatest power to influence others and the world in positive ways. Definitely something we’d all do well to aspire to!”

How does one become a Reiki master?

“One becomes a Reiki Master by receiving the six sacred Reiki Attunements and completing the Level I, Level II, and Master Level Usui Reiki Trainings. It is important between each training to practice daily self-Reiki and to practice regularly on others if you wish to offer Reiki energy healings as part of a formal practice.

In the traditional Usui Reiki lineage I am a part of, it is suggested to wait 6 months to a year before going on to your Master Level Attunements and training after Level II.

I love the quote from Hawayo Takata (the third Grand Reiki Master): “Let Reiki teach you Reiki.”

To be a true Master of Reiki, you must practice regularly, trust your intuition, and let the Reiki show you the way to its highest expression.  “

What are the benefits of energy work?

“  ‘Energy work’ encompasses a whole lot of things, and I can’t speak to all of the different practices and techniques out there, but I can speak to Reiki energy therapy.

Benefits of Reiki Energy Therapy are virtually limitless. For starters, benefits include improvements and/or healing of just about any physical ailment you can imagine, with some common examples including (but not limited to), headaches, sleep issues, chronic pain and injuries, and digestive troubles.

Reiki therapy is also wonderful for mental and emotional challenges such as stress, depression, anxiety, and grief.

Further, Reiki can have wide spiritual benefits, opening our hearts to forgive ourselves and others, to love ourselves and others more deeply, to deepen our intuition, and to step more fully into our core, authentic selves.

Reiki is an incredible healing art and I recommend any person take at least a Level I training as it’s a tool you’ll have forever to assist with any ailment or challenge you may go through!

The Reiki attunement process alone is very powerful and helps to release a lot of stagnant and heavy energy in us, though ongoing practice of Reiki after the attunements greatly maximize the benefits!!”  

Throughout the journey of adulthood there are many events that strike us unexpectedly and teach us to just slow down and process.  Robyn practices Reiki to become the best version of herself. This is how she fills her bucket of good vibes up every day and pours them out to others around her.  Perhaps there is something in your life that you can unite with whole heartedly in order to fill your bucket up. Robyn’s book can help you figure that out. 🙂

Thank you Robyn for sharing your love of healing energy, Reiki, and good vibes!


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