Up Your Coffee Game with the CHEMEX Coffee Brewing Method

Up Your Coffee Game with the CHEMEX Coffee Brewing Method

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Imagine if you actually took time to smell the coffee. There’s something beautiful called a Chemex.  It’s a very simple eco-conscious product that will light up your coffee drinking life. For strong coffee, there’s a specific brewing method that you can read later in this post.

The brewing process does take some attention to detail, but that’s the beauty of the Chemex.  It becomes this meditative practice that builds your appreciation for a great cup of coffee. Once the process is mastered you become even more inspired to up your coffee game.   You soon discover the many origins of coffee beans such as Kenya, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and more. You become more aware of the various degrees of roasting coffee beans and how it affects flavors and aromas.  Eventually you start sharing your boss coffee brewing methods with others around you.

The Chemex is somewhat intimidating at first.  I will be honest, when I first introduced it to my home it was a such a stunning design I didn’t want to wear it out.   Believe it or not, 5 years later my Chemex has aged very well. Thankfully no cracks, no chips, and minimal wear to the wooden handle.  I think it has become more beautiful with time.

One important part of brewing with the Chemex is that you are greatly reducing waste and toxins in your home.  (You can read more about natural living on my blog.) The coffeemaker has a glass body with a wooden handle around the neck.  The natural leather tie ensures the wooden neck stays put, but I have also found it comforting to grip when you are ready to pour your cup.

A lot of folks will measure out their coffee to the tablespoon, brew with a scale, and heat the water to a specific temperature to get the perfect cup of coffee, but let’s be real….  When the coffee sharks are swimming, you just want to dive into that rich aromatic bliss. Measure it to your liking and get brewing!

Brew time:  ~10 min + boiling time of water
  1. Heat Water and grind beans to preference.
  2. Insert filter.  With warm water rinse filter and then discard filtered water.
  3. Put coffee grounds in filter.
  4. Bloom – When water reaches 100 degrees, gently soak just the grounds and wait 45 seconds before you continue.
  5. Pour water – Only fill the water an inch from the brim. As the temperature of the water increases, continue pouring it over the coffee grounds.  This process releases more flavor and aromas.
  6. When water is done filtering, remove the filter and serve.
To keep the excess warm, you have several options.   You can snag a snazzy little warmer to wrap around your Chemex, transfer the coffee into a thermal carafe, or use the wire grid for the Chemex to place over a stovetop.This last option may not be the best option because flavor can be affected by keeping it on a hot burner.   Another option is to brew what you need and try to avoid the excess.
Once you’ve finished brewing and of course your chemex has cooled, the best way to clean up is to rinse with hot soapy water with a dash of salt. Rinse well and turn upside down to dry.  Also, the glass portion of the chemex can be put in a dishwasher, just be sure to undo the leather tie and remove the wooden handle.

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